Eternal Spark

In between the clouds and the stars,
My visions get lost in the vastness of the sky.
Jealous wind blows right through me,
And my sinking soul dreams of a cosmic fly.

I feel light, I feel no pain,
I float like a cloud turning onto rains.
Her skin touches my fingers,
As blood rushes through my veins.


Like a music with blending notes,
She is made of silence, dreams and tears.
In front of her, I'm a transparent man,
My heart sparks and shines without fears.

I feel numb, I feel free,
As she plunges her body right on to me.
Her neck touches my tongue,
And right there, I have to lose my sanity.


In between her breath and my skin,
There is hardly any space anymore.
Her moans are like raging waves,
Crushing right on my burning shore.

I feel, I feel just about everything,
As my love wraps her finger like a ring.
Her nails run through my back,
Like a sun heats up the dawn of spring.


Like a rainbow with bleeding colors,
She dives onto me and she calls my name.
As her voice reaches my ears,
There I realize, I'll never dream the same.

I see my past, and where I stand,
As she holds my heart on the palm her hand.
Why an angel like her lands on my life,
For a simple man like me, I'll never understand.


In between the moon and the night,
All my pains disappear as I kiss her face.
There I pull her body towards mine,
Inside my heart, she let my blood to race.

I feel her depth, and I fly higher,
As she let me taste each drop of her desire.
I can only submit to her love,
As she is my eternal spark to my endless fire.


She is my only love;
My eternal spark to my endless fire.


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