Keepers of the shadow

He said, I wanted to watch her first blink,
As she woke up with her innocent smile;
As there were no war left to fight,
For me, everything stalled just for a while.

Then the sun rose over the West Berlin,
And an orphan child breathe once again.
While a wild flower thrive to bloom,
On the Midst of a hot Cambodian rain.

Twilight came and defined the dark,
As the world turned too silent to hear.
I felt her tears piercing though me,
While bullets flew at Tiananmen Square.

Where ever I escape, they find me.
Where ever I go, I know they will follow.
As she pointed at the sky,
She called them - keepers of the shadow.


As the boy stared at the orange dusk,
While watching his mother burying her son.
The desert seemed like his only hope,
As he stood on the hot sand of Afghanistan.

Then the moon born over the eastern sky,
As the Navaho mother spent her one last sweat.
She blamed the “spirit mountain”,
And she wondered how long she had to wait.

I could see the rage on his dark black eyes,
As the night howled on that lonely African street.
They called him the “best boy soldier”,
They teased as he walked with blood on his feet.

Where ever I escape, they find me.
Where ever I go, I know it will follow.
As he pointed at the graves,
He called them - keepers of the shadow.


Turn up the light
Turn up the light

She still shouts at the keepers of the shadow.

Turn up the light.


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