Bleed into Me

As I let my steaming blood to race,
Inside my heart, from feet to my face.
Im a blind man who cant even hear,
Until you appear out of my secret maze.

I shouldve taken another look.
Mirror doesnt lie like pages of the books.
Im the lost fish in this lonely river,
who chased by the sun and the silver hooks.

Please dont, please dont move;
Please dont lock your stare at me.
Im too fragile to fight you back,
As you bleed so deep right through me.


And yet I let my heart to rule my love.
As a thirsty man, I let myself to starve.
And Ive pulled you onto my chest,
Even knowing youll escape me like a wild dove.

I know you are my lady in dreams.
Youre that angel with perfect wings.
Ive been going on in circle,
until youve caught my fleeting strings.

Please dont, dont say anything.
Let this night steels every single word.
I know I may loose you forever,
But tonight youre the queen of my world.


As I let the silence rapture my midnight sky,
I become the slave with no wings, no air to fly.
Im stripped; Im naked inside and out,
and my breath is the only thing left for me to try.

I shouldnt have looked at you.
Now thats all I crave, thats all I do.
I guess Im to blame to discover it,
as I let the sun to kiss the morning dew.

Please let me go through this whim,
Please dont wake me up from this dream.
Let my heart taste this freedom,
Go on girl, run through my blood stream.


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