actions will delineate and define "you"

Hello Internet!

Kid President believes it is time we took back the internet and did something awesome. We want to activate 1 MILLION people to serve the homeless of their neighborhoods. We also want to come together and raise $160,000 to build a safe space for the homeless of Little Rock, Arkansas. It can't happen without you!

charity: water + Authentic Jobs in Ethiopia

Recently charity: water, Authentic Jobs, and Smile Generation travelled to Ethiopia together. Cameron Moll, founder of Authentic Jobs, and his wife were privileged to be part of that trip. And two very special guests came along, as well

NotFound Project

Placing Missing Children Alerts on 404 Pages. NotFound is a European based project and aims to replace those 404 Error web pages with missing children alerts.

What is Ushahidi?

Imagine a way for people all over the world to tell the story of what was happening to them - or around them - during a disaster or emergency

Use art to turn the world inside out

JR, a semi-anonymous French street artist, uses his camera to show the world its true face, by pasting photos of the human face across massive canvases. At TED2011, he makes his audacious TED Prize wish: to use art to turn the world inside out.

Rainforest Action Network

What does the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) do? Working for environmental and economic justice, RAN organizes people to bring its message to the attention of corporate and governmental leaders across the globe.

Magical world of Nani Croze

Kitengela Glass is located opposite the Nairobi National Park, at the end of a rough road. Despite this, the constant stream of visitors from all over the world never stops.

Pachamama Alliance

In recent years concern over the destruction of the world's tropical rainforests has reached global proportions.

Roots & Shoots

The Roots & Shoots program is about making positive change happenfor our communities, for animals and for the environment. With tens of thousands of young people in almost 100 countries, the Roots & Shoots network connects youth of all ages who share a desire to create a better world.

The Venus Project

Imagine a world where war is outdated, there is no shortage of resources, and every human being enjoys a high standard of living. Jacque Fresco releases his ideas to the mainstream media. Self-sustaining cities...


Earth Hour

Celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world by switching off your lights for an hour, then go beyond the hour.